Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring session 2 rosters available

The session 2 class rosters are now available at

If you have any problems you can contact Frank Vazquez at or myself at


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Good Morning Everyone-

We are back up again this morning as of around 6:00. That would put last night's downtime at close to 12 hours. I don't have an update yet on why we were down, but I'll pass on information as I have it. We do appear to be stable at this time.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday 2/15 ... 2-4 PM (MST) ... Online Tutoring and Library Resources Webinar!

CCCOnline Training and Professional Development invites you to attend today's webinar!

Who and What: Learn about Online Library and Tutor Services

John Huber, of SMARTHINKING, presenting on the service, faculty resources, experience sample sessions, the technology, session archives, and more! AND... Mary Cash, of CCCOnline, presenting on the CCCOnline library resources and methods for students (and faculty!) to search for subscription access to books, magazines and articles, and the many free/open online resources!

When: TODAY! Friday, February 15, 2008 .... 2:00 - 4:00 PM (MST)

Where: Online via Elluminate! Use the link below to access the session. Participantsmay enter 15 minutes before the session begins.

NOTE: Session will begin promptly at 2:00PM. If you are new to Elluminate or have not used it on the computer you will access the session from today, 15 minutes before the session, please go to the Elluminate support page and enter the Configuration Room before entering the actual session:

Why not? :^) ... This session is a great way to end the week and learn or refresh your skills and ideas for assisting students with writing and research excellence. Participation in this session counts as annual professional development credit for CCCOnline faculty.

See you there!
Lisa Marie Johnson

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daylight Savings Time and Due Dates

Hi Everyone-

I have an update on daylight savings time and how that affects due dates and times in Blackboard Vista:

You can not set an assignment or quiz date/time due date to close with in an hour of midnight, March 9, without the time changing in the setup to the next day because of the daylight savings time change. We have had two courses do this on the March 9 date. When we set it for 10:58 PM it comes out 11:58 PM, as we want. If you set it for 11:58 it moves to the next day at 12:58 AM. (This is still only an hour later, but the date has changed). That is Bb’s explanation and I wanted to pass it along so you don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

That was from David Chatham. Let me know if you have questions.

Also a reminder that registration is open for the free faculty conference in Colorado Springs on Friday, February 22nd.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Faculty Conference! Free Lunch!

Hi Everyone-

The Learning Technology Council is sponsoring a free one day conference on February 22nd at Pikes Peak Community College's Centennial campus (south end of Colorado Springs). We'd love to see you all there!

To register for this conference go to and click on the registration link.

The opening general session is at 9:00 am. It will include opening remarks from the system president Dr. Nancy McCallin and a presentation by Dr. Ellen Wagner, Vice-President of eLearning Solutions for Adobe. Individual conference sessions include the following:

SESSION ONE 10:45-11:30

The Three Dimensional Professional Electronic Portfolio: Development and Deployment
This presentation (lecture/presentation/discussion) will define and demonstrate the development and deployment of a three dimensional professional electronic portfolio. The presentation will focus on a template that may be modified using MS Word to fit individual work history and professional experiences.
Presenter: Frank J. Nosal, CIS Instructor, PCC
Room: Level: All

Who-o-o-o Are You? The Issue of Student Authentication in Online Learning

Do you really know who’s out there? Federal officials are concerned, and this presentation will tell us what online instructors need to know now.

Presenter: Rhonda Epper, Co-Executive Director, Learning Technology, CCCS
Room: Level: All

Online Writing Centers: Opportunities and Issues

Online writing centers have been around for awhile, but they continue to evolve and face challenges. This presentation will focus on what is happening now and what OWLs might look like in the future.

Presenter: Larry Giddings, Writing Center Director, PPCC
Room: Level: All

Getting Started with the Faculty WIKI

Participants will learn to access and navigate the Faculty Wiki and understand
features such as search, special pages, creating accounts, and using Flash media and RSS feeds. Using demonstration accounts, participants will practice accessing a User Page, creating pages, editing pages, adding content, such as text, links, images, and media.

Lisa Marie Johnson, Director of Training & Personal Development, CCCOnline
Kathy Miles, Special Projects Associate, CCCOnline
Jonathan Fuller, Web &Wikimaster, CCCOnline
Room: A-250 Level: Beginner

The Simulation Experience in Nursing Labs

This presentation will review the process of using human patient simulation in nursing education at a variety of levels.

Presenter: Geri Tierney, Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator, PPCC
Room: Level: Intermediate

SESSION TWO 11:45-12:30

Teaching an Online Class in Three Hours a Week

The perception among online instructors is that teaching online classes takes significantly more time than teaching classroom courses. But, a lack of instructor presence is a common complaint of online students. We will explore the mismatch between faculty and student perceptions by investigating what “teaching” means in the online environment.

Presenter: Eric Salahub, Online Lead for Arts and Letters, FRCC
Room: Level: Intermediate

Grading Forms and Rubrics

Use Blackboard Vista Grading Forms to make your grading easier. Cut your grading time in half by setting up Grading Forms which automatically calculate grades, enter them in your grade book, and report explanation and comments to your students. A must for recurring or complex assignments.
Presenter: Mike Bleacher, Instructor, Educational Technology Training, CCA Room: Level: Intermediate

Faculty Mentoring

This presentation will examine ethical issues in mentoring new instructors and discuss the development of instructor mentoring programs. Participants will break into small groups and design a mentoring program.
Presenter: Cathy Taylor, Asst. Prof. of Management, Park University
Room: Level: Beginner

Collaboration Using Wikis in Online Courses

Participants will learn about practical and reflection applications of wikis in online courses, their role in collaborative learning experiences, and potential as resource and content specific repositories. Participants will collaborate on a small project using the Faculty Wiki to experience the processes for successfully incorporating wikis in the online classroom.
Cheryl Comstock, Director of Instructional Design, CCCOnline
Lisa Marie Johnson, Director, Training and Professional Development, CCCOnline
Room: A-250 Level: Intermediate


Using Webfolios in the Composition Classroom

Come learn how easy it can be to have your students publish their writing on the web. This workshop will show you how to use a webfolio instead of a final portfolio in English composition classes (or any classes using a portfolio system).
Presenter: Susan Achziger, English Faculty, CCA
Room: Level: Intermediate

Best Practices in Integrating Multimedia into the Learning Environment

This presentation explores best practices in integrating eLearning and mobile learning into traditional, hybrid, and online classes.
Presenter: James deHerrera, EDU, CIS, CSC Faculty, PPCC
Room: Level: Intermediate

A Comparison of Course Management Systems

This presentation showcases the same class materials in three different course management systems. Change is constant in online education, and this information might come in handy!
Lisa Cheney-Steen, Co-Executive Director, Learning Technology, CCCS
Aaron Leonard
Monica Falk
Room: Level: Beginner

Can you hear me now? Learn Why and Ways to Use Audio in Online Courses!

Experience Audacity™ and Gabcast™! Learn how these technologies are used at the Colorado Community Colleges Online for alternative delivery of course materials and to meet course outcomes related to speaking. Participants will also learn about engage in a discussion of current research concerning audio in the design of online learning.
Lisa Marie Johnson, Director of Training & Personal Development, CCCOnline
Karen Kaemmerling, Social Sciences Chair, CCC Online
Room: A250 Level: Beginner

SESSION FOUR 2:45-3:30

Using Elluminate in Online Foreign Language Courses

This presentation will showcase ways in which Elluminate Live! can be incorporated in Foreign Language Online courses, with ideas that can be used in other content courses.
Presenter: Jose Garcia-Paine, Foreign Languages Faculty, FRCC
Room: Level: Intermediate

Replacing Textbooks with Open Content Materials in Online History Classes

This presentation demonstrates how instructors can meet a variety of learning styles by incorporating online course materials from the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC).
Karen Kaemmerling, Social Sciences Chair, CCCOnline
Terri Rowenhorst, NROC Membership Director
Room: Level: Beginner


Learn to create educational podcasts! Anyone can create a podcast. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. We will also discuss some of the logistical and technical barriers. Most importantly, we will identify the elements of podcasting that engage our students and enhance the educational experience in online, hybrid and traditional courses.
Presenter: March Sustarsic, Foreign Languages Faculty, PPCC
Room: Level: Beginner

LTC Round Table

The transition to Blackboard Vista has been long and often difficult, and we all know that we still have issues. Come to the round table to ask questions, voice your concerns, and share your ideas about what the system’s distance learning programs should look like in the future.

See you there!


Military Students and Access

Hi Everyone-

Some of our military students may not be able to access the classes at this time. Beginning last week the military in the middle east closed access to all but .mil and .gov websites due to some bandwidth issues. They do not expect the problem to last more than another week. Please allow your affected students some extra time to catch up.

If the problem continues we will work with the colleges centrally to find the best solution for the students.