Monday, November 30, 2009

D2L Face to Face Training This Week Changed!

Due to low enrollment for the Face To Face Training Opportunities this week, we will offer office hours at the Lowry Office instead.

I will be available at the CCCOnline Office from 10-2pm on Wednesday Dec 2. Lisa Marie Johnson will be available at the CCCOnline Office from 12-4 on Thursday Dec 3. To stop by and visit with us about D2L in person, here is a map of the Lowry Campus. We are in building 967, room 116. Additionally if these hours are not convenient for you, please schedule an appointment by contacting me at for either time here at the office or over the phone.

Also, join us for a Questions and Answer Webinar on Friday Dec 4th from 1-3 by logging in at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Student Survey Now Open!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Before we take a day to stuff the turkey and then ourselves, we wanted to remind you that student surveys are now available. Please encourage your students to complete them! Students should be seeing a reminder popup every time they log in. Surveys will close December 5, and results will be available to you after final grades have been turned in. Thanks!

Donna Welschmeyer
CCCOnline Associate Academic Dean
9026 E. Severn Place
Denver, CO 80230

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

D2L Face to Face Training Opportunities in December

I hope the end of your fall semester is wrapping up smoothly and you have a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving!

If you need more hands on experience with D2L before the spring semester courses are duped and you start teaching this spring, we have a few more training opportunities left this year.

Join us for face to face training at the Lowry Campus on December 2 from 10 am -2pm or on December 3 from 12pm-4pm. Register at

Additionally, we will offer two more D2L Webinars in December. On Friday, December 4th from 1-3, join us for a General D2L Discussion and Question and Answer session. On Friday, December 17 from 1-3 join us for a Spring D2L Course Readiness Webinar. No registration is required for these sessions.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Now What?

Now that the November 14th is past, remember that the CCCOnline Community course will remain available as a resource for D2L information, as a place to ask questions of Training and Professional Development in D2L discussions, and as a place to correspond with faculty in your departments. If you haven’t already, you can still take or retake the Completion Quiz that is required of all faculty who plan to teach next spring.

In our efforts to provide continual support, we will offer a D2L QA webinar on Friday, December 4th at 1pm and a Spring Course Readiness Webinar on Thursday, December 17th at 1pm. We are also happy to schedule an appointment with you one on one either at the office or over the phone. Please contact me directly at to arrange an appointment.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Last D2L Webinar this Fall!

I know in addition to your regular teaching responsibilities you've been working very hard to meet the November 14th deadline for cleaning up the instructor tasks in your D2L courses. Our last scheduled D2L webinar to help support your conversion activities is today at 1pm. This webinar is a QA format, so you may come for any length of time and ask any D2L question you have. No matter how big or how small, we will try to answer them all!

Join us at Log in at

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

D2L Schedule Tip

While finishing up the Conversion Checklist for your master courses, I want to clear up some confusion on the Schedule. For the spring semester, you are required to have an updated course schedule page in your syllabus. You can save yourself time in January by updating this page now. To update this page:

-Click on Content
-Find the page in your Syllabus module
-Click the pencil to the right of the topic
-Edit the page
-Save it
-You may have to clear your cache in the browser to see your edits.

This is different from the D2L Schedule Tool that appears on the very top navigation bar. You are not required at this time to use or update that schedule tool as it is private to individual users. Nor are you required to use the Calendar widget that appears on your course’s home page.

If you have Conversion or any other D2L questions, please join us for the D2L QA webinar scheduled for this evening at 7pm. To access the webinar, log in at

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Counting down. . . .

As you all finish your course conversion work, we would like to thank you for your hard work on this project. It’s always a challenge to change LMSs; your dedication to making your new D2L courses top-notch is sincerely appreciated!

Keep these things in mind as you finish up:

Designers are getting to all the courses as quickly as possible, but they may not have made it through your class yet. Focus on the instructor tasks found on the conversion checklist in the D2L Community.

(Please note that the original checklist asked faculty to move and update the Instructor Widget. Designers have been adding and moving that Widget, so you may find that it is already place. If so, you can simply edit it to contain your information. If it’s not in place, you may either follow the instructions provided in training to add and edit it, or you can wait for the designers to add the Widget.)

Also, as you move through your courses checking links and images, fix those that you can fix (for example, links to outside web pages), and provide your mentor with the specific location of those things you are unable to fix.

Please continue to read the D2L info that appears regularly in your inbox and contact your mentors with D2L related questions.

We’re almost there! If you have questions, please remember to email me directly at instead of replying to this message.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cruch Time!

Less that ONE week left to complete the clean up of your D2L Master courses (November 14 is the deadline)! To support you during crunch time, here are the training and support opportunities this week.

General discussion and Conversion Questions Webinar
· When: Wednesday, November 11, 7-8 PM
· Facilitator: T&PD Staff and D-Team
· Log in at
General discussion and Conversion Questions Webinar
· When: Friday, November 13, 1-3 PM
· Facilitator: Aaron Leonard
· Log in at

Face to Face Training, November 10th from 12-4 at Lowry. If you are interested in attending this session, please contact me directly at

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Our Time is almost Up to have our courses ready!

The last D2L tool webinar is this Friday at 1pm with Debra Warren on Special Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents. Log in to the webinar at

We still have seats available in our Tuesday, November 10th Face To Face Training at the Lowry Campus from 12-4. If you are interested in attending this training, contact me directly at If you need face to face time but are unable to come to the training sessions, you may also contact me to arrange an appointment at the office.

Finally, next week is the LAST week before our November 14th deadline for Conversion Clean up. We will have two webinars next week just for your last minute questions and support needs: Wednesday November 11 from 7-8pm and Friday, November 13 from 1-3. Log in at

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November 14 Approaches Quickly!

(If you can't see this cartoon in the email version of this post, visit CCCOnline Faculty News at to see the actual blog post

The November 14 deadline for course cleanup is sneaking up on us very quickly! Both designers and instructors are working hard to meet the deadline.
If you happen to go into your D2L shell and some of the designer tasks are not completed, don't panic! Designers are working diligently to complete their tasks in each course shell. Keep the following in mind as you work:

1) Use the "Instructor Tasks" checklist provided in the D2L training course to guide you in converting your course

2) You do NOT have to have your schedule and other "first day check" kinds of updates completed by Nov. 14.

3) If you have not already done so, you should complete the D2L training course and associated quiz by the 14th as well. Focus on those activities that will help you convert your course and get you up and running to teach in the spring.

4) DON'T WAIT until the last minute to look at and begin working in your course! While some courses converted very cleanly, not all did! It may take you longer than anticipated to complete your course, so jump in now! Don't be like our little dinosaur friends!
5) If you have questions about course conversion tasks, please contact your mentor.
And remember, replying to the email generated by this blog post replies to about 10 people in the CCCOnline office. If you have a question for me, please email me directly at

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Face to Face Training for D2L

November is here! And our November 14th deadline for D2L cleanup of our masters is just 2 weeks away!

We still have openings for the D2L Face to Face Training, Thursday Nov 5 from 12-4pm at the Lowry Campus. Please send me a direct email if you are interested in attending the Nov 5th training this week.

We also have another Face to Face training available on Tuesday, November 10 with several openings. If you are interested in attending a face to face session, please register at

D2L Grading Discussions Tip

Here is another tip from D2L mentor, Diane Van Os, on grading Discussion posts in D2L

1. Open discussions
2. Select the ruler next to the discussion you want to grade
3. Select Assessments tab
4. Click the student’s name in the list
5. Only posts that student made are listed in the new window
6. You can grade from here, but remember to click the “graded” box