Monday, April 26, 2010

Upcoming Training Events

Hopefully your courses end more smoothly than our Colorado weather has been this week. To help you prepare for the close of the term, join Training and Professional Development staff and Academic Dean Donna Welschmeyer for a Ending A Term: D2L Tools, Pedagogy, and Q&A Webinar on Friday April 30th from 1-3 pm. Participants may access 30 minutes before start time. Select the webinar link from the ElluminateTM site:

Additionally, please log into the Faculty Gateway, check you’re your training record, and register for a workshop this summer. Here’s the workshops you’ll find available so far:

What Matters with Lisa Marie Johnson May 17th –May 28th
Managing Discussions with Daniel Metz June 14th-June 25th
Learning Styles with Karen Kaemmerling June 21st- July 2nd
Measuring What Matters with Lisa Marie Johnson July 12-July 23

Mark your calendars for our annual CCCOnline Faculty conference which will be September 17th at Arapahoe Community College. More information coming soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Master Teacher Blogs

Hi Everyone-

I had forgotten to go read the master teacher blogs regularly, so just went back to catch-up.  (This might have been part of a mid-semester slump that several of our bloggers commented on or maybe I was just on vacation.)  If you also have skipped a couple of weeks and need a little energizing go read those blogs right this very minute.  

You can get to them in the Faculty Community shell (login to D2L and then click on the student tab) or via a public Netvibes page I set up,  

They are well worth reading!

Lisa Cheney-Steen

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Griefing presentation in SecondLife

Please join us for a presentation on “Griefing” in SecondLife.

What: Learn how to deal with Griefing in SecondLife
When: April 2nd, 11:00 am (MDT)
Where: Colorado EduIsland,

Special guest Bill Freese/Friis, of Montana State University will introduce us to griefing, how it happens and the various tools you can use to prevent and avoid distracting occurrences. This session will assist you to recognize and understand better when and why you may need protection, how to protect yourself and your students, and how to respond in the least distracting ways possible. Learn what being griefed really means; while what may be perceived as griefing, may not always be griefing but perhaps a spirited introduction of someone new to this virtual environment. Learn how identify the differences between griefing of experienced users and unintentional behavior by new users. Bill Freese is the new Assessment Coordinator at MSU. His experience includes Director of Instructional Media, Archaeology and Historical Technician, and holds Masters degrees in Secondary Education and History.