Tuesday, February 27, 2007

From BB last night around 8:00:
"We are seeing improved performance through our monitoring and will continue to work with our network vendors this evening until we return to 100% operational efficiency. Currently the average response time for all VA2 requests (all clients) is averaging just about 2 seconds. We normally maintain right around 1 second or below. At its worst, we were seeing slightly over 4 second average response times today.
ASP Notify alerts continue to update all clients and will contoinue to do so until this issue is resolved."

This morning the latency issue is supposed to be fixed... so let me know if you think it really is. FWIW it was affecting everyone hosted out of that datacenter, not just us. It wasn't supposed to be related to our surge in use yesterday, but I have to think we exacerbated the issue. The good news is that network issues are easier to correct than Vista issues. :^)

More updates when I have them. David is participating in a support call with BB later this morning. (I'm hanging out at the coffee shop waiting for the Suburban to finish visiting with Bruce at the autoshop - they are buddies you know.)

Oh, other good news - yesterday by the end of the day Deb, John, and Roxanne were under 100 support forms and about the same in calls. It was a very smooth start! (With the exception of Jake Camp's PHI section -- sorry Jake.)


Monday, February 26, 2007

WebCT CE Courses Should Be Visible Now

Hi All,

Students in CE courses should be able to see them on their desktops now.
Please let us know if that is NOT the case in any of your courses, please have the student fill out an ticket with the Student Help Desk, including the S number.



Turtle 2

Here's an update from one of the hosting managers at BB:

"We are currently experiencing a firewall issue at our VA2 Datacenter. This has the full attention of the entire ASP team and we hope to have this issue resolved on or before 6:30 pm EST. We have been sending out a regular “ASP Notify” with updated information as it is available and will continue to do so. I will also update you with any information that I receive moving forward. "

I notice that Vista is a little slow, but not unusable. Hope it's okay where you are.


WebCT CE Courses that Students Can't See

Hi All,

Students in a random number of courses are calling Student Support to say they can't see their course(s) on their CE desktop. AT is working on the resolution of this issue as we speak.

We will update as soon as possible.



Turtle Talk

Hi Everyone-

Vista users are experienceing some slow downs today due to latency issues in the Blackboard hosting facility. I don't have a timeline yet for a fix on that.

Other than that the start to spring 2 is going very well -- John Schmahl just wandered by to let me know that student services has had only around 100 calls and emails today (2700 new students start today).

And last, anyone interested in using the wiki as a teaching tool is welcome to space on the faculty wiki. Just set your own up or talk to Jonathan Fuller (Jonathan.Fuller@cccs.edu).


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Roster Link

Hi Everyone --

Roster information from David Chatham for each of you teaching is spring 2:

Spring 2 rosters are available, as they were last semester, using your Vista/Banner ID and Password at this secure location: https://www.cccodevelopment.cccs.edu/roster/

If you do not see your Spring 2 course(s), it may be because you haven't been assigned yet in Banner, which is an administrative task that follows the actual Chair decision to assign a particular section to faculty. Let us know, if you don't find your roster.

David Chatham

Dean of Academic Technology

Classes open tomorrow, technically at noon, but students have access at midnight tonight. If you lose the above link, remember that I posted this to the blog, so you can always look there.

Happy start of term!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Spring 2 start time

Hi Everyone-

Spring 2 begins Monday at 12:00 noon...... only it turns out we can't set the hours any longer, so students can actually get into classes in Vista at 12:00 midnight. We still tell them noon, but you may see a few early arrivals. Most of you should have access to your sections already, we hope to take care of all last minute section dupes tomorrow.

Enrollment for spring 2 is up just over 8% today as compared to the same day last year, so not as much as we had hoped, but certainly better than it could be.


Welcome to Teaching-Blog Carnival w/ Dr. Liz Kleinfeld

Dr. Liz Kleinfeld is an English faculty at Red Rocks Community College, is a blogger, has used student blogs in her courses, and is also participating in an event known as a teaching-blog carnival.

I had heard Liz present at last year's Telecoop conference about blog carnivals and was really interested in knowing more about how they worked. I learned from her blog she was going to participate in a teaching-blog carnival.

Having observed the a large amount of enthusiasm for teaching practices with CCCOnline faculty, I asked if she would be willing to be interviewed.

So here it is, with Liz explaining what a teaching-blog carnival is, and how she got involved in the event. A link for the carnival she is hosting appears at the end of this post, as does the site that lists former blog carnivals, and an invite for any of you who might be interested in doing the same!

Gabcast! Mo Co Zone #7 - Teaching Blog Carnival: An Interview w/ Dr. Liz Kleinfeld

Dr. Liz Kleinfeld, English Faculty, talks about her participation in a teaching-blog carnival.

Link to Teaching-Blog Carnival #20 (hosted by Liz)

Link to Teaching-Blog Carnival Site:

PS. This weekend, Liz shared that it took her about 8 hours to prepare Blog Carnival #20.

Notes about the audio -- Here is one of my early attempts with audio formats, so I appreciate your patience with the learning curve. I do want to thank Rick Hadley for helping me "clean up" the file quality. I get better volume when I play the file through my mp3 software.
Another option might be to download the file to your desktop to see if you get better volume.



Friday, February 16, 2007

Featured Faculty: CIS Faculty, Designer, and Trainer Marilyn Godfrey from CIS

Editor's Note: Thanks Marilyn for this update on your bio. Marilyn characterizes the gusto that seems to be a trait shared by many who teach with us. Notice she mentions what she does in her "free time"!
I have been involved in Computer Information Systems in one way or another for the past 20 years. For most of my career, teaching about computers and software has been my specialty. I have also held positions in Systems Administration, Support, and Programming. I am currently employed as the Training Administrator with Douglas County Government in Castle Rock, Colorado. I am in charge of all course development, scheduling, e-learning and delivery of training to a staff of 1100 employees. I have been teaching Computer Information Systems courses for Colorado Community Colleges Online for the past 4 1/2 years and have enjoyed every minute of it!

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Systems from University of Phoenix Online and a Master of Science Degree in Education, specializing in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University.

On the personal side, my daughters are 17 and 15. My oldest daughter is a high school senior getting ready to head off to University of Wyoming in the fall of 2007. My youngest daughter plays harp and piano, as well as percussion in the school orchestra and is a member of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony comprising musicians from all over the souther Colorado area. They perform locally as well as internationally.

In our free time, we enjoy travelling in our RV. We also enjoy boating and 4-wheeling on Colorado's many mountain trails. I also enjoy needlecrafts, sewing, gardening, reading a good novel and simply relaxing outdoors!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update on Vista Issues

I know several of you have continued to experience issues/bugs in Vista this semester. Here's an update from David about where those issues are in terms of support:

New Discussions Icon – Not working for some faculty; shows all discussions as new. This seems to be a java issue for many but solutions not complete for all faculty. Not a BB issue as far as we can tell. (Sorry everyone). We (David and Rick) have been working with faculty individually to resolve.

Non-course Calendar entries - We are contacting BB about why this is occurring. Work-around is to use the Course Only View to filter out extraneous information.

Student Menu Missing in Student View - (Can test with jenny also). Change Course Menu settings to Horizontal only if Menu is not showing for students.

No Create Printable Icon - No immediate fix available. Work-around: If BB can not repair the five courses affected, the courses may have to be rebuilt before the next term. Work-around: In Firefox, you can put the cursor on the page to be printed and use the right mouse menu to This Frame / Open Frame in new window / then use the File / Print menu to print out. In IE, you can use the File / Print Preview choice and then choose “Only the selected Frame” to make the print.

Annoucement Tool - tool produces random coding in the finished message if the text editor is used. Use the HTML editor and type your message there.

Assignment Drop Box - In the Assignment Dropbox, under the Submitted Tab, the “Assigned To” sort does not list alphabetically. It will be fixed in future application upgrades.

Search Tool - Search Tool returns a message of “no results” when there should be results. This is being assessed by BB Development. No work around.

Email forwarding - does not work. The tool has been turned off at the Institution level. Blackboard is actively investigating this and will try to provide an early solution.

We (David and Lisa, sometimes more) have a monthly conference call (down from weekly) with BB support, hosting, and product development to go over these and other issues. When dealing with bugs in the product BB decides whether the issue belongs in a hot fix or in a future service pack. The decision is based on the severity of the problem for the client and the complexity of the problem. BB has doubled the size of the staff assigned to maintenance of the Vista product as compared to last summer. We continue to emphasize that rapid and frequent communication between us and support is critical to our ongoing relationship.

While it may sometimes feel like no one is looking into these issues, David, in particular, is spending most of his time on them. :^)


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 Things - Designers - Aaron

Today I'd like to introduce you to Aaron Leonard, also a member of the CCCOnline Design Team. Aaron is one of the best idea guys in the office (which in our office is saying quite a lot) and if you suddenly need a great graphic to teach some oddball concept he's probably your best option.

Aaron's 5 Things:
1. Fun (or funny) jobs I've had: corn detasseler, sales associate at a toy store, on-air personality (DJ) at a country radio station, photographer for a heavy metal band. I also worked in the kitchen of a “retirement village” for one night, but I burned my hands in the industrial dishwasher and they told me not to come back. But my favorite jobs have been in education.
2. I have degrees in English and Graphic Design. I've been working in the Graphic and Web Design fields for over 12 years. Some cool stuff I've been involved in: designing collateral for the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium and learning more than I ever thought I could know about nanotechnology and working on the website for Incyte Genomics, a large company that did genetics research and work on the human genome – another eye opening experience. I received the graphic design degree after being in the industry, so it wasn't as difficult as it could have been. I have also been speaking English all my life but, try as I might, they wouldn't give me an English degree just for that. I'm working on a Master's in Graphic Design right now – online through the Savannah College of Art and Design.
3. I love technology and design. I don't always need the latest and greatest, but I certainly like to know about it. If there's something new out there that can do something cool, I'm all in :) And when there are educational applications for that technology, that makes it so much better. I still do graphic design projects just for fun. If I have a few free minutes, chances are I'll be working on a desktop wallpaper or a new website or a logo. I love design and I do it for fun and for work. How great is it when you can get paid for doing what you love? Bringing design, technology and education together is just a passion for me.
4. Voracious reader of anything by Christopher Moore, Matt Ruff, and Michael Connelly, but my two children make sure that I read plenty of stories involving wild things and Curious George. I also like to read books on typography, instructional design, graphic design, etc.
5. My wife, Kristina, is a college instructor. She teaches for several different schools including CCCOnline. My daughter, Katie, is four and my son, Liam, is 2½. Also, I know more about My Little Pony than any grown man (albeit one with a 4-year-old daughter) should be allowed. (Lisa's side note -- Aaron, My 14 year old daughter wants to have a My Little Pony birthday party this year, so you may have a long road to go with the pastel ponies....)


New (and Old) Professional Development Workshops

CCCOnline introduces new Training Sessions!

Want to improve your teaching techniques or learn new technology skills? Join us for our new series of online training sessions beginning in March.
See http://www.facultywiki.ccconline.org/~www66/index.php?title=Portal:Training for descriptions, dates and registration.

Please join us! If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis Dobson, Training Director at CCCOTraining@aol.com.

Software Training
  • Respondus: Create, import or edit tests to upload into your Vista course.
  • StudyMate: Create Flash-type activities for your course such as flash cards and other games.
Best Teaching Practices
  • Mapping Your Course: Have you lost your way in your course? Learn how to identify all the pieces of your course and match them to required competencies.
  • Teaching with Style: Each one of your students has a dominant learning style, which might not match your individual teaching style. Identify different learning styles and design different assignments to match those diverse styles.
Online Teaching Techniques with Vista tools
  • Writing Performance Objectives: Review the elements of performance objectives so that your students understand the purpose and desired outcome of a unit or assignment. Use the Goals tool in Vista to enter your objectives and match assignments and assessments to these objectives. Objectives are also part of a course map.
  • Creating Rubrics: Learn to write grading rubrics for specific assignments or sections of your course. Use the Grading Forms tool in Vista to set up a rubric for assignments and grade those assignments from that grading form. Rubrics are also part of a course map.
  • Creating Virtual Teams: Learn more about using the group management tools in Vista to facilitate collaborative learning. This training session combines theory, best practices and technology.
Oldies but Goodies
  • Measuring What Matters: Learn about assessment techniques and practices in an online environment.
  • Managing Discussions: Discussions are an important part of the online course. Learn and share with your colleagues best practices in facilitating the online classroom.
  • Vista Next Steps: This session is for faculty who have experience in teaching with Vista and will provide practice in using the more complex design and teach tools in Vista.
Now don't you think this person (cheeshead) has a lot to teach you about teaching?

Open Content Resource Now Available to Faculty

Dear Faculty,
CCCOnline is proud to be part of a growing online community called the NROC Network. The members of this non-profit organization are working together to support the continuous improvement of online content and instruction. CCCOnline has joined NROC at the institutional level, which means we have full access to the NROC content and community. Part of NROC is truly open content (meaning it's freely available to the world) at www.hippocampus.org. Our institutional membership means we also get "back-end" access to all the materials, which we can place directly in our courses rather than linking out to them. In addition, we have access to instructor guides and other related assets not available at the public website.

Other membership benefits include links to rich media content in a searchable database called FLORA (Faculty Learning Object Repository Access), downloadable media content for iPods, opportunities for collaborative course development, as well as articles and columns. Below are instructions on how to access the "Members Only" NROC resources.

Please use the "key" provided below to join the NROC Network. Once you have joined, be sure to look around the "What's New" page and check out the "Getting Started" information to learn more about using the Network.

Next, press the "Join" button to apply for membership. As a member, you will be permitted to login and participate in the community. It may take up to 24 hours after joining until you have complete access at the “Institutional Member” level. NROC has a complete list of CCCOnline faculty e-mail addresses, which they will use to validate your membership.

Please take a few moments to join, and check out the site. They really do have some excellent content that you may find useful for your courses, and that meet our standard course outcomes. And if you find something you want to use, and need help, let us know. The design team can help you decide how best to integrate it. Any questions, let me know at rhonda.epper@cccs.edu.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Supporting Retention and Success: Checking In w/ Students

It is just far enough into the term where students are already providing indicators about how they are doing. Mid-term is very often too late for a student to get tutoring, pay attention to time lines, or pick up tips to improve both learning habits and the resulting grades.

Providing Encouragement and Direction

  • Sending email or posting announcements that express your wishes for learner success.
  • Letting students know that grades are up and you welcome any communication or questions.
  • Providing updated grading posts in the gradebook.
  • Providing learners w/ their own grading spreadsheet/scorecard to encourage them to keep track of their own progress.
  • Sending email w/ tips to specific learners about what is good, yet what is needed to gain more points in an assignment.
  • Calling learners to let them know how important participation is.
  • Inviting learners to set a call with you with questions.
  • Letting learners know about tutoring services and providing a link and possible incentives for using the service (better grades, bonus points for submitting the tutoring transcript).

Do you have tips or success stories you are willing to share? Please post them in the comments!

Best, Alice

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hi Everyone-

Today I want to introduce you to Amy Sorenson. Amy began as faculty with CCCOnline, then was talked into joining the design team back when she worked for NJC in Eastern Colorado. She tried to leave last year, but as many of you know we almost never let that happen. Now she's migrating courses from CE to Vista. Once that project is finished I am sure we have other project.

Here are Amy's 5 things:
  1. I’m a Wyoming native-graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education. I’ve lived and taught in Colorado for 13 years. I currently reside North of Sterling, CO. In December, I received my Masters Degree in School Counseling.
  2. I have three children-Bailey 12 (almost 13 in less than 2 weeks…eeeeeeek), Sydney 7, & Sterling 4. Two of which are redheads. You can determine which one is which from the pictures. The old saying… A picture is worth a thousand words. I think these pictures truly describe the personalities of my children.
  3. I enjoy photography. I included a picture of a beautiful sunset. To follow Mary’s view from her deck… From my deck enjoy seeing many deer, coyotes, rabbits, sunrises & sunsets out on the Northeastern Plains of Colorado. Although, especially this winter, I haven’t been able to see anything but blowing snow!
  4. I have taught the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)/Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) courses for CCCOnline for a few years now about 3 or 4 years. Times flies when you are having fun!
  5. My husband coaches 6 man football in Peetz, CO. Yes, they actually play football with 6 guys on an 80 yard field and no Peetz is not in Nebraska but if you blink when passing through it you might think so. (Peetz is 1.5 miles South of the Nebraska border). If you ever visit Cabelas in Sidney, NE you may pass through Peetz depending on your route.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Live Student Workshop on Avoiding Plagiarism Feb. 14

Student Services has provided this announcement for CCCOnline Students for the Eluminate Workshop on Avoiding Plagiarism Next Wed., Feb. 14th, at
noon. It was sent to the student list this afternoon. (Thanks, Jennifer Frank!).

Feel free to promote it to learners in your courses (could even have an extra-credit carrot attached!).

Key logistics you may want to stress: A person needs to check out the Elluminate site and do the tune-up before noon on the 14th. There is a limitation of 50 seats--so it's first come first serve as far as login to the conference. (No password required!).

Best, Alice

From Jennifer--

Avoiding Plagiarism Potholes: The Ethical and Correct Use of Sources

Every college student knows plagiarism is against the rules. It’s also very easy to do – even unintentionally! CCCOnline will show you how to recognize and stay away from plagiarism during a live, interactive, online student workshop:

Wednesday, Feb. 14, from noon to 12:45 p.m.
A repeat session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14 from noon to 12:45 p.m.
Additional sessions will be offered if there is sufficient demand

Avoiding Plagiarism Potholes is a 45-minute online seminar during which students can discuss three key issues with moderator Alice.Bedard-Voorhees:
What is plagiarism?
What are the consequences of plagiarism?
What are some basic practices to avoid plagiarism in using sources created by others? (Best Practices include resources).

There are only 50 "seats" available for each session and both are on a first-come, first-served basis. CCCOnline will offer additional seminars if there is sufficient demand.

There are two simple steps to join the meeting.
Download the Elluminate software and pre-configure your system by going to the support page at: http://elm1.elluminate.com/support.html. The process may take anywhere from two to 20 minutes, depending on your Internet connection speed. You won’t be able to participate if you have a dial-up connection! In addition to the software, you’ll need speakers to hear the session and a microphone if you want to ask questions or participate in the discussion.Before the seminar start time, participants can join by using the following link:http://elm.elluminate.com/FRONTRANGE/join_meeting.html?meetingId=1170366918332. You DO NOT need a password to join! You may add this meeting to your scheduling application with the following link: http://elm.elluminate.com/FRONTRANGE/build_calendar.event?meetingId=1170366918332

Thursday, February 08, 2007

5 Things - Designers - Beth

Beth is our flash programmer - the person you call whenever you want to design something interactive for your course (don't forget we actually pay for interactive activities, so talk to your chair if you have ideas along those lines.) Beth is incredibly creative and loves helping faculty take ideas from the vague thought stage to reality.

This is Beth:
I'm a triplet - hard to believe there are two others just like me. (Really, I'm the black sheep).

I'm a fishing fool - love to be on the river and my favorite summer past time is catching night crawlers.

I love solar energy. I catch it for everything - solar heat, solar water - my son even made a solar hotdog cooker. Next on the agenda - rig up something that will melt this ice.

I love camping - all year round. Survived last year's Fraser campout at minus 22 degrees.

Favorite stores - hardware store and quilting stores...that's right. I love designing and creating quilts. :)


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Welcome Jennifer Frank!

I am pleased to welcome the newest member of the CCCOnline family, Jennifer Frank. Jennifer has accepted the position of Advising/Financial Aid Coordinator. In addition to the advising/financial aid portion of her new job, she will be working very closely with the Program Chairs and Jonathan on the Web Site re-design as well as keeping the Schedule and Academic Calendar current. Jennifer will also be overseeing the development of our communication plan and will work on student e-mails and the Student Blog as we continue to build our online community.

Jennifer comes to us from the CCCS office where she worked as Senior Copy Writer in the Marketing Department, prior to that, she was the Communication Specialist at CCD. We are very excited to have her expertise in marketing and communication and look forward to working with her.

John H Schmahl
Director, Student Services

5 Things - Designers - Cheryl

I bet many of you have already met Cheryl (on the left in both of these picures), but there may be things here you do't know about her. She was just here enthusing about Second Life and various reading she has been doing about using games and simulations in education, so be prepared for more exciting educational applications here at CCCOnline!

Cheryl's 5 things:
1. Like to snowshoe in the winter with mom and friends whenever possible With all the recent snow, it should be a most favorable season. Our favorite place to go is up the Poudre Canyon, where I spent much of my youth.

2. Motorcycles and girls rule! I have always enjoyed the freedom this sport has brought to my life, and often wonder how much money I have saved by riding instead of visiting the psychiatrists couch (Okay, I like Harley's and Indians, so I may be breaking even on that choice). More of my girlfriends are riding these days and hope to join up for an all girls trip this coming Summer.

3. I have a wonderful companion, Johnny. We have no children but a most beautiful cat daughter, Jesse (I dream of some day having a puppy). Jesse is more enthused with dad's earplugs than any other toy in the world (with exception of course the occasional field mouse and birds that try to sneak in the house when I'm napping). As you can see, she is also well-versed in WebCT.

4. I'm SUPER excited that I will have my Master's degree in Educational Technology at the end of Fall 2007. While it has been a long road to the top of the mountain, I have met some of the most interesting people in my life and gained many new friendships during the ascent. I'm not planning on another degree, but I am committed to being a life-long learner.

5. Although I haven't had the opportunity to travel much in my life, Victoria, B.C., Canada is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. I look forward to the opportunity of traveling more, once I graduate.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Design Team - 5 Things

Hi Everyone-

I am continuing to introduce you to CCCOnline "office" staff. This week you get to read about the design team. The design team is coordinated by Cheryl Comstock. Full-time designers are Aaron Leonard and Mary Cash. We've also talked Amy Sorenson and Marge Vorndam into joining the team on a part-time basis. Kathy Miles is technically in charge of special projects, but that seems to mean mostly design team activities. And last, Beth Kitts is our in-house flash programmer.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Mary Cash. Mary joined the CCCOnline team back when we were an eCollege shop. Kathy Miles brought Mary to CCCOnline both as English faculty and as a course designer and faculty support just before we began the move to WebCT CE. Since then Mary has continues to design courses, spent some time as ENG faculty, and has been the primary developer of the learning object repository. The snowy picture is the view from her deck! Here's what Mary has to say:

Five things:

  1. I was born and raised in Pueblo. My husband is also from Pueblo (we went to rival high schools); we met during college while working at a restaurant called Hobo Joes, but didn’t get married until around 10 years later (long and complicated story).
  2. I have fraternal twin girls who are freshmen at Conifer High School. Our zoo family includes an aging dog, an even older cat, a nippy love bird, two guinea pigs, two Russian Tortoises, and 7 fish (had 8 but one recently went to the fishbowl in the sky). Kind of hard to do a group pet photo shot, so here’s a picture of Kathy (left) and Marie (right) instead.
  3. I’m one of those perpetual student types, so I have BAs in Psychology and Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado, a bunch of undergrad business courses, an MA in English Studies from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and a Masters in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University (got the last one all online). I will say that the last round (MLS) rather did me in and I don’t seem to have any more urges to obtain more degrees. I would, however, take a class, if someone offered it, on how to avoid aphids and whiteflies in the greenhouse!
  4. Before I became a designer, I taught college composition for 13 years. Now that I’ve recovered from paper-grading burnout, I keep getting urges to do it againJ
  5. We live at 8,450 feet between Conifer and Bailey off Highway 285. This was my view off of our deck right around Christmas. True Fact: My 4Runner’s been in 4-wheel drive for at least part of my drive every day since that snow before Christmas!! (and to think!! I moved home from Duluth all those years ago because of the cold and snow!! What was I thinking??)

  6. Kathy and Marie


Friday, February 02, 2007

Spring Training

Hi Everyone-

Here is the spring training schedule (also posted on the website at http://cccs-lms.ccconline.org/Calendar/ ):

Spring Professional Development Schedule
Vista Next Steps

Teaching with Style - Learning Styles

Getting Started (Summer)

5/7-25 F2F 5/18
Writing Performance Objectives

Creating Grading Rubrics

Managing Discussions

Measuring What Matters

Mapping Your Course

Vista Next Steps

Creating Tests with Respondus

Creating Virtual Teams in Vista


Creating Interactivities with Studymate


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wed. Feb. 7th Faculty Preview of Student Plagiarism Workshop

Ethical and correct use of sources in course work continue to be topics of concern. CCCOnline will be offering two live, student workshops on Wednesday, February 14th, with a repeat session Wednesday, March 14th – the time is noon – 12:45 on each of those days.

Avoiding Plagiarism Potholes will last for 45 minutes and intends to communicate with students about three key issues: what it is, the consequences, and basic practices to avoid plagiarism in using sources created by others (Best Practices includes resources).

You are invited to the faculty preview of the session this coming Wednesday, Feb. 7th at noon to provide feedback on this trial run, and to see if you would like to recommend it to your students.

Here are the details:

Meeting Name:Faculty Review of Avoiding Plagiarism Potholes
Start Date and Time:02/07/2007 12:00 MSTEnd Date and Time:02/07/2007 13:00MST

Attendees may join this meeting up until this time. The meeting will remain in session until the last person leaves.Public MeetingThis is a public meeting and will be displayed on the public schedule page. Attendees may join by using the following link:http://elm.elluminate.com/FRONTRANGE/join_meeting.html?meetingId=1170366918332Attendees may add this meeting to their scheduling application with the following link:http://elm.elluminate.com/FRONTRANGE/build_calendar.event?meetingId=1170366918332

Meeting Password:This is an open meeting. Attendees don't require a password to join.


Teleconferencing Instructions:

Welcome :)

To participate in this conference you will need to have downloaded the Elluminate software, have internet connection other than dial-up, have speakers for this session; a mic is optional. This session requires no password and has seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you cannot get access when you come online, and it is very near conference time opening, this may be the reason.

If this is the first time you will be using Elluminate, you may be prompted to download some software which may take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes depending upon your Internet connection speed. You can pre-configure your system with the required software by going to the support page located at: http://elm1.elluminate.com/support.html

If you need technical help during the session, feel free to call 303.918.7303.

Thanks for joining this session!

Best, Alice