Thursday, October 23, 2008

Faculty Conference 2008

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2008 Birthday Conference! We had a great time and learned a lot from all of you!

We started the conference with a slide show --- just some of the wonderful and talented people who have helped to make CCCOnline what it is through the years.

It's a little larger on the wiki if you want to watch it there --

Mary Beth Susman, past president of the Colorado Electronic College, the first incarnation of CCCOnline, was our keynote speaker. She left us with a raft of interesting links and things to think about as we enter our second decade.

We've place many ,inks to her information on the faculty wiki at

Some of the hightlights:

FURMAN COLLEGE that gives students video cameras to tell what they like about FURMAN

UNIGO – A beta site that is having students at colleges rate their colleges: specifically designed for high school students deciding on colleges. This link is to what they have about CU.

3D Technology:

ITUNES U- Wonderful video/audio lectures

Walter H.G. Lewin M.I.T. Lectures, Promo:
(There are many physics lectures online fo this professor also.)

Randy Pausch Your Childhood Dreams- Carnegie Mellon, the entire lecture is available on Youtube --

Dan Ariely Predictably Irrational - Duke and M.I.T.

Online Course

Langdon Hammer Modern Poetry -Yale,


My inspiration that college needs to be free, because if the music industry can do it, we can. (Here's a comment from an econ blog on that model though that isn't entirely positive.

More information about conference materials coming soon.

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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