Thursday, January 08, 2009

Verifying Duped Course Content - Important!

Happy New Year! The new term is fast approaching, and our dedicated AT staff are busy duping courses. Remember, faculty, that the email you receive when a course is duped contains a link that you need to use WITHIN 72 HOURS to verify that the correct course content was duped for your course. This helps us avoid those terrible surprises when you open your course a couple of days before it opens and discover that the wrong content is there. . .and students have already been loaded into the course.

Then, after you have updated the course with new dates, etc., use that same link to indicate that the course is ready for the first day. All courses must be updated prior to Thursday, January 15.

If you don't have the email that you received when your course was duped, use this link: Click "Manage Your Vista Courses."

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