Thursday, March 05, 2009

Payroll Dates

Hi Everyone-

Hope those of you on the front range haven't been blown completely away yet. It is windy where I am!

I have payroll information from Randy Macy:
Today is census day for spring session two. Contracts for bonus students and partial classes will be done the first part of next week. Bonus contacts will first appear on your March 27th paycheck.
And a little more information for those of you teaching this summer:
Because of payroll deadlines the first pay check for summer semester will not be until July 1st. Because spring session con contracts end on May 22nd that means no one will receive a paycheck in June unless we spread the bonus contracts out farther (through June 5th).

Unless I hear from a majority of faculty by Monday, March 9th, that you want your bonus contracts to end on June 5th, all bonus contracts will end on May 22nd. I’m sorry, but all contracts must end on the same date – we cannot end some on May 22nd and the rest on June 5th.
You can email Randy at if you have an opinion on the June paycheck.

By the way, credit hours were up 36% for spring two over last year. Wow!

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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