Monday, January 11, 2010

D2L: Course Readiness D2L New Tasks

Getting your course/s ready for spring?

There are three additional preparation items you must do for each course you teach this spring.
1. Run the Grades Wizard For instructions visit this wiki page
2. Remove tools from your course navigation bar that you do not use in the course. Do not remove the Question Library or other tools that do not appear on the tool bar. For instructions visit the tutorials on this wiki page.
3. Reset your Homepage. During duping the homepage reverts back to the default and is missing your instructor widget ect that you worked on last fall. By resetting it to the homepage your created in your master these will return. For instructions visit the tutorials on this page

Don’t forget you can ask your mentors for help with these tasks. And we are having a recorded Course Readiness webinar this Friday from 1-3 that will cover these three tasks. Please contact me directly at with your questions.

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