Tuesday, March 09, 2010

D2L Tips and Quizzes Webinar

As March enters with a roar, here are a couple D2L tips you might find helpful.

1. When updating dates for Quizzes and Dropbox items to change availability, you must change the dates in the tools themselves. If you change dates for the quizzes and dropbox assignments links in Content, you are only changing the availability of the LINK in Content, not the assignment. If you use date release conditions for Links and Files in Content you must update each semester the dates in both Content and the Quizzes and Dropbox tools.

2. Also you may want to share with your students that they can change their own settings in Discussions. Students and Faculty can change whether they see the original message in their reply.
To change this setting:
-Go to Discussions
-Click on Settings
-Select the check box next to “Include original message text in reply” to remove the check mark, and click Save.

Finally, I want to remind everyone of the D2L Quizzes Webinar that is Friday, March 12th from 1-3pm. To log into the webinar go to http://elm.elluminate.com/FRONTRANGE/. For a list of upcoming Webinars and Archived Webinars, go to https://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Professional_Development on the faculty wiki.

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