Thursday, April 01, 2010

Griefing presentation in SecondLife

Please join us for a presentation on “Griefing” in SecondLife.

What: Learn how to deal with Griefing in SecondLife
When: April 2nd, 11:00 am (MDT)
Where: Colorado EduIsland,

Special guest Bill Freese/Friis, of Montana State University will introduce us to griefing, how it happens and the various tools you can use to prevent and avoid distracting occurrences. This session will assist you to recognize and understand better when and why you may need protection, how to protect yourself and your students, and how to respond in the least distracting ways possible. Learn what being griefed really means; while what may be perceived as griefing, may not always be griefing but perhaps a spirited introduction of someone new to this virtual environment. Learn how identify the differences between griefing of experienced users and unintentional behavior by new users. Bill Freese is the new Assessment Coordinator at MSU. His experience includes Director of Instructional Media, Archaeology and Historical Technician, and holds Masters degrees in Secondary Education and History.

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