Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Archive Tab on Your D2L Page

If you have questions, please email donna.welschmeyer@cccs.edu

In order to streamline the D2L tab that displays courses (the Instructor tab), our Academic Technologies staff has programmed a new tab called the Archive tab into D2L. Beginning Monday, September 6, your Spring 2010 and Summer 2010 courses will be displayed on this new Archive tab instead of on the Instructor tab. The Fall 2009 pilots, if you have one, will be removed completely out of sight (but not deleted) as we don’t have a method to move them to the new tab.

With this new tab, you will be able to access your past courses if necessary, but they won't be in the way of your current courses. Beginning in January 2011, term courses that are 12 months or older will be deleted.  This does NOT affect DEV courses or master courses per se.  For instance, Fall 2009 courses will be over 1 year old in January and will be removed.  At the end of the Spring 2011 term, the Spring 2010 courses will be removed.  This policy is the same as what was followed on Blackboard in previous years

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