Thursday, September 22, 2011

CCCOnline Conference-Registration Deadline

Did I mention before that the CCCOnline Annual Conference is scheduled for September 30th 2011 at Arapahoe Community College ?

Being the 'Super' hero that you're, I'm sure you remember that and have already signed up for the CCCOnline Annual Conference.

But if some 'Tenacious' mission has kept you busy, no worries ,the Conference signup information is available through our registration link at -
The deadline to register is tomorrow, September 23rd , 2011.

Bring your 'Magnetism' to the CCCOnline Conference as well as your suggested Division colors.
You already planned for that, didn't you ?
I should have known better, 'Superpower' and all !
Go ahead and continue to brainstorm on ideas with your 'Super' colleagues to represent that spirit, at the Conference.

I'm sure this has already been communicated by your Program Chairs and Associate Deans, so here are the suggested colors again, for reference -

Arts & Humanities Division - Yellow
CTE Division- Red
Math Division- Green
Science Division- Orange
Social Science Division- Blue
For all our Superhero attendees - Silver

More information will be communicated to all registered attendees next week.

I tried really hard, but have not been able to get past your 'X-Ray' vision . You already identified all the 'Super' hero qualities hidden in this message, didn't you ?
I concur!

So for now , here's your Super 'mission' .
If you've access to the 'CCCOnline Online Community', then proudly share your find in the 'Cultivating Excellence Blog' Discussion Forum under the 'What's Your Super Power' thread initiated by Liz Dzabic

Please contact me with any

Aarthi Ramesh,
Training and Professional Development (TPD) Coordinator

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