Monday, May 07, 2012

CCCOnline Academic Advisory Council Formed

With CCCOnline’s goal of fostering a sustainable academic, collaborative and transparent relationship between itself and the CCCS brick-and-mortar colleges, it is crucial that the academic directions and efforts of CCCOnline support CCCS students, faculty, and colleges and align with the academic direction of the colleges. To move this goal forward, CCCOnline is excited to have an Academic Advisory Council to advise and guide its efforts.  The Council had its first meeting March, 2012.

The mission of the Academic Advisory Council is to act as an advisory group providing input on the academic directions and efforts of CCCOnline, with an emphasis on strengthening its collaborative working relationship with the colleges. The Council will examine such issues as academic rigor of courses, curriculum development and approval, training opportunities, and other pertinent academic processes. In carrying out its work, a primary goal of the Council will be to build transparent and participative processes between CCCOnline and the Colleges.  Membership on the Council includes the CCCS Provost, CCCO’s Executive Director, Academic Dean and Associate Deans, and representation from the 13 System Community Colleges. 
 With questions or comments, please let me know ( or phone 720 858 2215).

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