Thursday, February 21, 2013

CCCOnline FAQs

·         Why does CCCOnline start classes later than the system colleges?
o    CCCOnline is a service organization to the system colleges.  Classes start later so students can register for classes that may have filled up at the colleges, or for students who are registering late.

·         Who receives the tuition and FTE for CCCOnline students?
CCCOnline students are actually the colleges’ students.  Since CCCOnline is not a college, it does not receive any FTE; this goes back to the students’ home college as well as associated COF funds.  This is important as FTE affects the system funding formula for each college.  In regards to the tuition, CCCOnline receives 51% of the tuition from CCCOnline courses while 49% of this tuition is retained by the respective home college.  CCCOnline pays instructors’ salaries, as well as the annual licensing, maintenance and support costs of the Desire2Learn platform, the Perceptis help desk costs, Turnitin, Respondus and Soft Chalk that all colleges use. 

·         Does CCCOnline report on student attendance by the census date?
o    Yes, CCCOnline's attendance policy helps to identify students who do not intend to actively participate in courses.  To comply with this policy, each CCCOnline course requires students to:
1. Participate in an "Introductions" discussion, which may or may not be graded.
2. Submit  two graded, content-related assessment prior to the census date.
-The assessment must be content related - it should not be a "syllabus quiz".
-The assessment may be a Dropbox, Quiz, or Discussion
The lists of students who do not actively participate are sent to the respective home colleges.

·         How do students contact their instructors before classes start?
o    CCCOnline tracks enrollment numbers.  Based on this they determine the number of instructors needed for a term; instructors are given class lists a couple of days before a semester starts.  Before a term starts, instructors send out welcome emails to their students; prior to this, students also receive a welcome email from CCCOnline.  If a student needs course information prior to being assigned an instructor, they should contact the appropriate Associate Dean (

·         Whom do we call for help at CCCOnline?
o    Contact information is available at  For Associate Dean Contact information, see

·         Do CCCOnline students have to meet course pre-requisites?
o    Yes, course pre-requisites are set by each college and CCCOnline students must meet those pre-requisites. 

·         Is CCCOnline bookstore information available?
o    This information is available online at

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