Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fall Enrollment

Today's enrollment numbers are looking up - we have 3,822 enrollments, whereas last year at this time we had 4,509. That is still down 15%, but three weeks ago we were down 32%, so the gap has been cut in half. CCCOnline traditionally enrolls students very late in the enrollment period, giving us more time to communicate with students.

Our grass roots efforts have included emailing and mailing past and present students, redesigning the website, and asking faculty to post registration directions in your summer classes. I currently expect this fall 1's enrollment to be the same as last fall's enrollment. Fall 2 may catch all of the growth we don't expect for fall 1, so fall 2 may be quite a lot larger than fall 2 last year.


Lisa Cheney-Steen
Co-Executive Director for LEarning Technology, CCCS

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