Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vista Migration

Update on the Vista migration process:
  • The summer pilot of 19 courses has gone very well. The student support center has had almost no student calls other than the common "don't know the user ID or PIN" questions.
  • Summer pilot faculty have had some technical difficulties, primarily java issues.
  • We are surveying students and beginning a discussion with pilot faculty later this summer.
  • This fall will initiate the Vista Volunteer program. Each of you teaching in Vista will have a designated mentor -- one of the Vista Volunteers (who are paid for providing this support). You will be able to turn to your VV for assistance should you have technical difficulties with Vista.
  • Professional Development workshops: Vista Basic Training and Vista Next Steps are both available in Vista now for anyone teaching in Vista. If you aren't moving to Vista this fall, but you want to get a taste of Vista from the student perspective the discussion workshop is currently available in Vista and Respondus is coming soon.
Plans for fall
  • A student orientation is available in Vista, as is a trouble-shooting page.
  • As students enroll in classes an email will send them to a test website where they will be able to log into a Vista course shell and test their computer set up. Instructions will help them trouble-shoot any technical issues.
  • All students will begin in the CE and be sent from there to their Vista courses. We are working on having both versions of MyWebCT (CE) and MyCCCOnline (Vista) list all courses whichever LMS (learning management system) they are in.
  • We are going to migrate about a third of our courses into Vista. The design team is working very hard on this project so you have a reasonably complete course to begin with.

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