Monday, May 07, 2007

Update on Vista Issue

Hi Everyone-

If you or your students are having difficulties with the quiz tool or adding attachments to email the best solution is to logout of Vista, close your browser, re-open everything, and log back in. Most of the time this will move you to a new node. The issue appears to be primarily related to a single node (of 6). Here's what I have from BB:
Hi David,

Larry has been working on this issue with our Operations team.
Currently, this may be isolated to a particular App/node server. We are
in process of moving the users on this particular node to anther node.
We will then be taking it out of circulation for more testing. As soon
as there is a further update please expect to hear from either me or

Thank You,

More updates when I have them. Grades are due Thursday. Let us know if giving students extra time is going to cause you to be late. best, Lisa

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