Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Changes in Training

Phyllis Dobson, our intrepid Training Director who has led us through the valley of tears (that would be the Vista transition), is stepping down. Now before you all panic, she is not leaving us completely - she is still chairing the EDU program and teaching in the CIS department for us. (Never mind the other FT job she has at CCD). She did an absolutely amazing job of helping everyone survive the move to Vista and of building the training program at CCCOnline into a true professional development program. Everyone please join me in an enthusiastic thank-you to Phyllis and in a round of applause for the wonderful job she did. (Thank you emails should go directly to Phyllis at

Attempting to replace Phyllis we have two people: Sharon Taylor and LisaMarie Johnson. Sharon has been Phyllis's assoc. director for the past year as well as faculty for several years now. LisaMarie has been faculty and a special associate to CCCOnline for several years. Welcome to LisaMarie and to Sharon!

As a side note: I was on vacation last week ( and will be on vacation again this coming week, then at the Blackboard conference in Boston the week after that, so my response time may be a little slow.


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