Monday, July 23, 2007

New Training!

Need an easy way to grade your assignments?

Want to make sure your students understand exactly what is required in an assignment?

How about developing a Grading Rubric [rĂ¼-brik]? A grading rubric is a set of criteria for evaluating assignments/assessments and for providing feedback.

A rubric is useful for the students so that they understand exactly what is required of an assignment and how it will be graded before turning it in. A rubric will help you, the instructor by providing an easy guide for grading the assignments.

And… Vista even provides a Grading Forms tool that will let you input your grading rubrics and then use them to grade your assignments through the Assignment tool.

What you will get from this training session:

· A virtual trip to France

· An understanding of rubrics and their uses

· What comprises a good rubric - several examples of rubrics

· How to write a rubric

· How to use the rubric within your Vista course

What: Creating Grading Rubrics -- CCCOnline training workshop

Format: Self-paced with facilitator guide

Where: Entirely Online

When: Wednesday, August 1st through Tuesday, August 14th

Facilitator: Lisa Marie Johnson

How: Register at

For more information:


Chris said...

ll be moving to Alabama during this session and will have sporadic Internet access from July 30th - August 6th. Can I assume that there will another session later in the year?

sharonataylor said...

Good luck with your move! Yes, we will be adding fall training sessions to our schedule that will include the Creating Rubrics course. Please check our calendar ( for updates mid-to-late August.

Chris said...


Thanks for the update. We arrived in Alabama safe and sound in time for the final week of class.

sharonataylor said...

You're welcome, Chris. Wishing you much happiness in your new, "Sweet Home Alabama" :).