Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are you ready to start Teaching with Style?

Learning Styles Registration is open! Register today for Learning Styles and other Professional Development sessions from:

  • What: Learning Styles (listed under recommended sessions)
  • Where: Two-week asynchronous online via Bb Vista
  • Who: Kathy Miles
  • When: March 31 - April 11
  • Why: ...... read on!

Style… everyone has his or her own and we’re not talking What To Wear!

“Learning Styles” refers mainly to theories on how people perceive and process information in order to learn. You may like to read step-by-step instructions before tackling a project, whereas your best friend may just glance at a picture and plunge in. Perhaps you remember what you hear better than what you see, but your friend remembers best what she reads or what he sees in a picture. Or when you read or study you need a quiet space, but your friend likes to have the radio or the TV going in the background or to be in the middle of a room with lots of activity.

Such differences reflect the very different ways in which we learn.“Learning Styles” also refers to a group of models for conceptualizing a learner’s style and designing instruction to better meet the needs of diverse learners. How do our own learning-style differences translate into our teaching and what is their effect on our students’ learning? What implications are there for course design?

Typically, the most common method of communication and presentation in an online class is text-based – meaning students mostly read a lot of material displayed on Web pages. What if that is not the most appropriate method through which your students learn? How can you adjust assignments to provide the best context for student learning? This two-week workshop (including one weekend of course activity) takes on these questions, examining learning styles and how to address their diversity in an online environment. Come join us: Explore the world of learning styles, your own as well as others’; then practice designing an instructional activity which supports a variety of learners and their styles.

Register for the Learning Styles workshop today to get ...

  1. Information on common Learning Styles.
  2. Methods for measuring Learning Styles.
  3. Information for understanding your learning style and why that matters.
  4. Information for designing course activities in alternative learning styles.
  5. Practice in designing course activities to engage and support different styles.

Don't delay! Register today!

Thank you Kathy Miles for the redevelopment of this workshop, facilitation, guidance on training and development opportunities and the above summary!

Questions? Just ask!
Lisa Marie

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