Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google Docs for Collaboration and More! (free training videos until May)

Google what? If you have only heard of Google Docs, but not had a chance to experiment, now is a great time to be you! Free training is available in the form of video tutorials from through May.

Access the "Google Docs" video tutorials from:
At its foundation, Google Docs is a free tool collaborative authorship. Think of this tool as a wiki-style technology (group editing, or single-person editing on the fly from anywhere you can access the WWW, tracking of changes) with the coolness of document portability allowing users to save in a variety of formats and edit collaboratively online.... anytime!

A few links to resources about Google Docs in education:

Posting this information was sparked by recent inquiries during the Four Ps: Proactive Preparation Prevents Plagiarism Webinar (held 3/21) about the tool. View this and other webinars from:

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