Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Changing Leadership

Hi Everyone-

I have good news and good news for you today. Karen Kaemmerling, our program chair for Social Sciences has agreed to take on the leadership of Training and Professional Development for us. Karen has been with CCCOnline both as faculty and as program chair for several years now and brings a wealth of experience and leadership with her to this position. You might also recognize Karen's name as one of the winners of BlackBoard's greenhouse awards for exemplary courses.

I am sure the next question for many of you is "What's up with Lisa Marie?" Lisa Marie is staying with CCCOnline, but she prefers to spend her time teaching, and designing and facilitating workshops rather than managing the program. She is also working on her doctorate and needs to find some time in her schedule to focus on that also. That means we will all continue to be the beneficiaries of LisaMarie's expertise and enthusiasm, while she gets to concentrate on the part of the job she likes best.

So welcome Karen into this exoanded leadership role, but don't say good-bye to LisaMarie!

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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Anonymous said...

For some reason the Pointer Sister's are dancing around in my brain... "I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it.."

Welcome Karen!!

It is a pleasure to transition the program to you! I look forward to continued collaboration and progress for meeting our student's needs through training and professional development of faculty with CCCOnline!

Thanks again to everyone for your support, kindness, and collaboration this past year!

Lisa Marie :)