Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time for Training? Consider these July Sessions!

CCCOnline Training and Professional Development has several sessions lined up for the remaining six-months of the 2008 Training Year! You can see what sessions are upcoming from the registration form:

Information about the faculty conference (October 17, 2008) will be made available as it becomes available. For questions related to the conference now, please email

July Workshops:
You may want to review the Session Descriptions to see objectives and materials for sessions (Click this link, then click the name of the workshop on the page that opens to view the description).
  • Course Mapping (July 7 - 18)
    Register no later than July 3!

  • Managing Discussions (July 7 - 18)
    Register no later than July 3!

  • Learning Styles (July 21 - August 11)
    Register no later than August 17!

  • Getting Started with CCCOnline (July 30 - August 6)
    Register no later than July 25!

  • Vista Basic Training (July 30 - August 11)
    Register no later than July 25!

July Webinars!

Review the
training policy if needed. In sum, at least one training is required of all CCCOnline faculty each calendar year. It can be one of our offerings or a Chair approved alternative training. You are encouraged to complete as much training and professional development as you can, however!

Thanks for your awesome commitment to excellence in teaching and learning with CCCOnline. It has truly been an honor serving you this year!

:-) Lisa Marie Johnson

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