Thursday, August 27, 2009

Student Tutorial Services

Happy Thursday, everyone! We recently signed a contract with a new student tutoring service, NetTutor, which is a 24/7 tutoring service. We will begin using NetTutor instead of SmarThinking immediately. Please note that the CCD OWL services will not be available for fall, so if your students need help with writing assignments, they should use NetTutor.

Just moments ago I received the URL for our NetTutor account. Students should use this link to register for and access tutorial services. As we did with SmarThinking, we have services for World Languages, Science, Math, English, Social Sciences, and Business/Accounting. In addition, we have the student writing services mentioned above for all disciplines. NetTutor will send student registration/login and navigation instructions to me shortly. As soon as I receive that information, we will make sure it appears in the student wiki, etc.

Please replace any references to SmarThinking to NetTutor and include this new link as appropriate:

If you have questions about the services provided, please let me know. A NetTutor representative will attend our fall conference on September 25th, so you can also ask questions of them at that time.

If you would like to explore the NetTutor site, please email me and we can ask NetTutor to set up a specific login for faculty so that your explorations aren't counted as billable time for CCCOnline. Thanks!

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