Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Are you ready to start cleaning your courses?

At times the process of getting your course "duped" or copied for the upcoming term seems convoluted, but here is a brief description of that process and your role.

Prior to the term, you and your Chair determine which course/s you would like copied and potentially how many is a reasonable amount for you and the department. The Chair then completes a form that requests that course for you and the AT team processes that request. Sometimes while they are processing the dupe request, you may see an empty course shell appear in D2L, but you will know for sure when it is ready for you to look at when you receive an automated email notifying you of the course. (If you are not getting these emails, check your SPAM folder and update your email address through the Portal or Faculty Gateway page.)

After you get the email, you have 72 hours to log into D2L and in order to confirm the content in the course is correct. ***This requires some looking around your course and checking tools like discussions and quizzes, ect to be sure they have the correct settings. Once you have checked the course to be sure it is correct, log into the CCCOnline Portal and go to the Faculty Tab to access the Content Verification Form. If there is a problem with the content in your course, contact your Chair immediately. Your next step is to get the course ready for students. Use the Course Readiness Checklist to be sure you aren't missing any steps:

***Don't forget to reset your course home page, update your instructor widget, run the gradebook wizard, and clear your course navigation bar of tools like Rubrics if you aren't using them. Review the Course Readiness Checklist for a comprehensive explanation of what to remove and not to remove. Many faculty are really good house cleaners and are making tools inactive that are really needed like the question library be cautious and thoughtful about this part of the clean up. The course must be ready for students for first day checks no later than Thursday morning prior to the start of the term (for spring session 1, this is January 20th). When your course is ready to be reviewed, return to the Faculty Tab on the Portal and click Course Readiness Form to acknowledge that the course is ready.

One final reminder is that you must have a content related assignment due before census which for spring 1 is February 8. This assignment must be more the introduction discussion.

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