Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save Yourself the Headache!

At the end of each term Amy Sorenson, who is Profhelp, is inundated with questions about the Grades Tool in D2L. So, in order to avoid future headaches, we asked several faculty and Amy for helpful tips and suggestions.

Here they are:
1. Change your Personal Display options so you can always see the students' grades and the Final Calculated Grade when you enter the gradebook. http://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Grades#Set_Personal_Display_Options.3F
2. Run the Gradebook Wizard before the term starts. Enter fake grades for the Jenny Grade student to verify your grades are totaling correctly and match your Course Syllabus-Grading and Evaluation page.http://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Grades#Run_the_Grades_Setup_Wizard.3F
3. Towards the end of the term don’t forget to release the Final Calculated Grade column to the students so they can see their final grade.http://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Grades#Release_the_Final_Calculated_Grade_to_Students.3F

If you're still struggling with the Grades Tool after using these D2L Tool pages, please use the Profhelp form located in the CCCOnline Portal.

Each week the Cultivating Excellence Blog runs reminders like these and more. View the blog by clicking the the Faculty Tab in the CCCOnline Portal, and share your comments in appropriate discussion in the CCCOnline Community Course.

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