Thursday, August 23, 2007

Late Registration Policy

Hi Everyone-

Here's the note that went out to college registrars from John Schmahl:

From CCCOnline Director, John Schmahl.

We are going to try a little experiment this semester. Students who want to register late, after Thursday, August 23, will need to complete an Late Add agreement form,, acknowledging the potential risks of registering late. Once they submit this form, it will come to John and Roxanne, who will then add the student into the appropriate course in INB. Basically, we have found in looking over figures from the last couple of years that students who register late are at a slightly higher risk of being unsuccessful. However, the risk was not as great as we had thought. Therefore, we are trying this change to see if we can better accommodate those students who need to register but are unable to within the regular registration timeline. We will see what the impact of this at the end of the semester and decide whether to continue it or change it for Spring.

Again, students will still not be able to register via SSB after Thursday, August 23, but by completing the Late Add form,, we will add them through INB until Thursday, August 30.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


John H Schmahl
Director, Student Services

We will also poll all of you at the end of the term to find out whether or not the form sets expectations appropriately. :^)

Overall fall 1 enrollment is up about 10% over this day last year. Fall 2 enrollment is up about 30% over this day last year. There are some oddities -- enrollment increases in some areas and decreases in others, so it's not consistent with our past growth trends. We are very happy to see growth again though! Last year was traumatic for all of us!


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