Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vista Update

We wanted to give you another update on Blackboard performance this afternoon. We are continuing to see some slow response times on and off throughout the day. This is a different problem from yesterday, and does appear to be application related as a result of very heavy use. We are working with Blackboard on possible solutions, one of which is to upgrade to AP2 sooner than our planned Sep 22 upgrade date. AP2 improves database performance, garbage collection, and also fixes a stubborn issue with Web-logic. We have authorized ASP to perform the upgrade on our QA server immediately so we will have an accurate estimate of the time needed for the upgrade. We have not discussed this with LTC yet, and will wait until we have a conference call with ASP at 6:30 this evening.
We realize (and have communicated to BB) that this is directly affecting courses system-wide, and will do whatever it takes to stabilize the system.

Lisa and Rhonda

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