Saturday, September 29, 2007

2007 Gold Medal Faculty

Every year the program chairs choose 2 or 3 instructors who exemplify the best teachers with CCCOnline. These are our Gold Medal Faculty.

This is not a rotating award, faculty who win once can win again. This year just over half of the Gold Medal faculty were GMF last year also. The criteria is that the chosen faculty must be matrix 2 level and must be an outstanding instructor. That last bit is very difficult when you consider the field you are all standing in. CCCOnline faculty are truly amazing teachers. You all regularly go above and beyond for students.

I'd like to thank everyone for all of your hard work with students and most particularly the Gold Medal faculty:

  • Accounting: Brenda Lauer
  • Arts and Humanities: Kyla Hammond
  • Psychology and Sociology: Vanessa Dahn and Carrie Garman
  • Business: Wendy Lewis, Diane VanOs, and Glenann Arnold
  • Computer Technology: Phyllis Dobson and Stan Kuchel
  • Education: Kathi Waggoner
  • English: Jesse Stommel, Brian Dickson, and Angela Havel
  • Health Sciences: Aarthi Ramesh, Mary Steggall, and Jesse Devasia
  • Languages and Literature: Jennifer Ray and Angela Havel
  • Math: Erica Hastert, Louis Sass, and Kristy Pollart
  • Paralegal and Criminal Justice: Holly Dershem-Bruce and Robin Rossenfeld
  • Science: Rusty Roe and Kate Lormand
  • Social Sciences: LisaMarie Johnson, Al Turner, and Holly Dershem-Bruce

Two instructors were nominated independently by chairs in two programs: Holly Dershem-Bruce and Angela Havel. Extra congratulations to them!


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