Monday, September 10, 2007

Fort Carson Soldiers

Hello Everyone-

Many of you have students in your class who are soldiers at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. Some of those may be a part of the 3rd Brigade and scheduled to deploy again late this fall. Following is a request from the Army and from the president of PPCC, the college through which most of the soldiers are registered, to wrap up class work a week early. Please let me know if you will have trouble meeting this request.
Attention CCC Online Faculty:

Soldiers of the 3rd BDE at Ft Carson, Colorado are scheduled to once again deploy sometime towards the end of the year. The US Army has requested that all coursework and requirements be completely finished by Friday, November 30th (preferred) or Monday, December 3rd at the absolute latest. Soldiers enrolled in our courses have been instructed that they need to work closely with their instructors and do everything possible to complete the requirements on time.

President Kinkel has agreed that PPCC will ensure affected soldiers are completed by the December 3rd date. Incomplete grades are not an option as soldiers will not be able to complete assignments in a reasonable time following the end of their term. As an instructor to affected soldiers, we ask you to please work with the soldier and arrange course assignments, exams, projects, etc. to ensure that the soldier is fully completed by December 3rd. Soldiers in your classes are:

List of students goes here

If this list is incorrect, please contact Cheri Arfsten at 719-502-4100. Also, if feel you cannot complete the course work with this soldier by December 3rd, please contact Cheri today. If subsequent issues arise that prohibit finishing the course on time, please contact Cheri Arfsten at 719-502-4100.

Your cooperation is extremely important to our men and women in uniform who already sacrifice so much. By doing this we can at least ensure that they have the opportunity to further their educational goals while voluntarily serving in the US Army. Thanks you for your assistance and cooperation.
I'm not sure the list of CCCOnline faculty that PPCC is using is accurate, so you may want to email your students and ask anyone who is likely to be deployed to please self-identify. That way you can make any necessary arrangements with them. Also please keep in mind that this is only the 3rd Brigade, not everyone at Fort Carson.



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