Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another happy student

I am going to stop posting these because I do see lots and lots of them, so I could completely fill up the blog with stories of amazing CCCOnline instructors, but..... this is from ENG 090, Pam Gordon.

You are only the second teacher in my lifetime of many, many moons that
has shown faith in me. I would be honored to add your name to the list
that has actually made a huge impact in my life. Your dedication,
passion, and drive for excellence have definitely shown us that we can
make a difference in whatever path we decide to take in life.
I know that teachers try to reach one student through their instruction.
Some of the seeds you plant you may never know about. I would truly like
you to know that I am one of those students that walk away from this
class totally embracing a new outlook.

Thanks for handing me another shiny quarter for my pocket full of
treasures. I hope you feel the inner smile also. You deserve to know
that your teaching does matter. My hope is that others will see what a
gold nugget they have in this class.
Have an amazing rest of the summer!

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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Brian said...

Hi Lisa and Pam,
Congrats to all of us! We need to share these comments!

Here's another happy student:

I got my final grade, Brian, thank you! You are quick!

I truly appreciate all of your input on my papers. Perhaps that is what I love most about this class -- getting an informed opinion on my work. It's given me a chance to focus on areas of my writing that still need polishing. Thank you!

It's been a total pleasure!