Sunday, August 10, 2008

Student Appreciation

Hi Everyone-

I wanted to share a comment a student posted in Erica Hastert's MAT 121 course. I see quite a few of these every term, but this one was especially nice:

“The things that I think worked well in this course were the interaction
between the class members and the instructor. There were many areas
where the text is not clear or did not expound on an area enough to
provide a clear understanding, but through other class members
experiencing the same thing and providing additional resources, together
I believe that all were able to understand the concepts. Also, whenever
there was a specific question about a process, the instructor was always
available to answer it, but would always allow time for another student
to provide guidance first. Rather than just give out "answers," the
instructor would give us the "first three notes" and once we had a feel
for the tune, let us figure it out ourselves. By the instructor
encouraging the students to show their work and site specific examples,
a lot of times, simple mistakes were caught that were not evident before
showing all steps. I loved this course and hope that my future math
courses are just as full-filling.”

(Hope I didn't embarrass you Erica!)

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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