Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dupe Process

We are initiating a few small changes on the process for your receiving new sections for Fall 2. As you know, when a course has been requested by your chair, it goes through several steps in creating the course and assigning the content, but it ends with an email to you notifying you of its availability. This email has changed now to include some further instructions. Please read it and follow those instructions.
Basically, you will have a place to track your sections through the process and let both your chair and AT know when you have verified that you got the correct course and then also when you are ready for the semester. This should help increase communication at all levels. So, please do read the email notice as they come along between now and the beginning of the semester. It will provide you with a URL where you can login with your S# and password to view further instructions. Eventually, we will be combining various instructor logins for dupe, roster, surveys, etc to make it easier for you to keep track. For now, the email will be your reminder of where to go to provide needed feedback.
The emails and courses will start appearing over the next few days and continue until the beginning of class on September 29.
David Chatham
Dean of Academic Technology

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