Friday, October 23, 2009

D2L Assessments Webinar on Monday

We know you all are very busy this semester with classes, holidays, conversion and training, but hang in there! We have three weeks left before our conversion clean-up and training due date of November 14th.

Haven't logged in yet? Not sure where to start or confused about what is expected? Visit this online object or contact me directly at I am happy to answer your questions, and we can talk on the phone or make an appointment at the office to get you going too.

The first hour of our D2L webinars are intended to cover a few tools, the second hour is an open QA session for any of your conversion clean-up and training questions. Come to the webinars with your questions or ask them in the CCCOnline Community where Lisa Marie Johnson and I are monitoring daily.

Our next webinar covers the Assessments tool with Aaron Leonard on Monday Oct 26th at 9am.
· Access the Webinars from the following link:
· PDF instructions on logging in

Can’t make it to the live webinar… that’s ok, visit the webinar archive at

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