Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Message from the Design Team

Hello wonderful faculty members,

As you are going through your Master courses for the November 14th deadline, please know that the Design Team is working right along with you.

In addition to the 35 new courses under development for Spring, supporting the current Blackboard courses, and troubleshooting Blackboard and Desire2Learn issues, each designer has more than 100 Master courses to go through. When the migration process is complete, at least one designer will have worked in each of the almost 500 Master courses.

In each Master course, designers are changing all wording from Bb Vista terminology to D2L terminology, making sure the style sheet is attached and working properly in all files, deleting duplicate content caused by the migration, and adding a course banner to the course homepage among other tasks. Designers will also be making sure that all images are working in the content of each Master course. You may also find that a designer has taken the information that was in the footer of your Vista course and placed it as a news item, updated the Links widget, and added an eBook widget (if applicable).

So next time you see a designer, give ‘em a hug, as they are working very long hours to help ensure all courses will be ready for the spring semester. [Because of the H1N1 fears, dark chocolate will be accepted in place of a hug. ;-)]

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