Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Second Life Webinar

Hello Everyone,

It’s hard to believe the CCCOnline fall conference is over, and we are just days away from Halloween. A week after our conference we had an Open House on the new CCC Colorado EduIsland. Thanks to all of you, who were able to attend the open house event on October 9th. We had some 50+ new visitors that we can account for, who visited the island and joined us for the event, which we feel this was an excellent turnout for our first event!This is an extremely exciting time for all of us, especially with our new adoption to D2L. Out of my respect for all of you and our our trainers and designers, and everyone’s busy schedules, I have decided to post-pone our up and coming Second Life (SL) webinar for Colorado EduIsland. Originally, the webinar was scheduled for this week, Thursday, October 29th, which will now be held sometime after November 14th (date to be determined), after things slow down a bit for everyone.At our future SL webinar, we will present more on the Colorado Community Colleges focus in SL, and specifically related to:

  • Where to get started and up and running quickly
  • How to get your students up and running quickly
  • Visiting Colorado EduIsland’s teaching spaces
  • Using SL in your classes for specific assessment driven activities and meeting course outcomes
  • Showing educational values that others have already found using virtual worlds for teaching their classes.
  • Alternative concepts and uses of how we may want to teach with virtual worlds for the future

I look forward too seeing all of you at our future Colorado EduIsland events! If you have questions about the event change, or just want to discuss SL or Colorado EduIsland, please email me directly at, cheryl.comstock@cccs.edu. Best of luck with all your course migration!

Best regards,

Cheryl Comstock CCCOnline,

Director Online Program Development




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