Friday, June 11, 2010

Academic Integrity Focus Group & E-mail Updates

*Please do not reply to this message. If you have questions, please direct them to Lisa Marie Johnson or Liz Dzabic.*

--In order to develop training and informational materials around the topic of academic integrity, we need your help. Please participate in the Academic Integrity Focus Group. The focus group is happening in a discussion topic inside the "CCCOnline Community" course. The guidelines for participation are explained in detail in the discussion.
To access the Focus Group discussion:
1. Log in to CCCOnline's D2L
2. On your My Home page, in the My Courses widget, click the "Student" tab.
3. Locate the "CCCOnline Community" course and enter it by clicking its title.
4. Once inside the course, click the "Discussions" link on the course navbar.
5. Enter the topic "Focus Group: Academic Integrity Violations.”
*If you have questions about the Academic Integrity Focus Group, please contact Lisa Marie Johnson directly at*

--Just a reminder: if you need to update your e-mail address in the system, please remember to do so through the Faculty Gateway (
*If you have questions about updating your e-mail, please contact Liz Dzabic directly at*


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