Monday, June 14, 2010

No-Shows due Wednesday, June 16

This is just a reminder that you need to report on ALL students as part of our new no-show policy as being either "Present", "Keep" or "Missing" on the class roster by Census, this Wednesday, June 16. Please see the policy details below for more information.


No-Show Policy

CCCOnline's no-show policy helps to identify students who do not intend to actively participate in courses. If necessary, courses will need revised to comply with the No-Show Policy. Contact your Program Chair for guidance with necessary revisions.

To comply with this policy, each CCCOnline course must require students to:

1. Participate in an "Introductions" discussion.

a. The discussion may or may not be graded.

2. Submit a graded content-related assessment prior to the census date.

a. The census date is the last day to drop in a term (see the Academic Calendar).

b. The assessment must be content related – it should not be a "syllabus quiz".

c. The assessment may be a Dropbox, Quiz, or Discussion.

Reporting No-Shows Procedure

To Report No-Shows, use the following instructions:

1. On the Census Date, login to the Faculty Gateway:

2. Click the "Online Roster" link.

3. Click the title of a course from the Online Roster page to open its roster.

4. Each student MUST be reported as Present, Keep, or Missing.

Report students by selecting the radio-circle for the appropriate designation as follows:

a. Present – Student completed the Introductions discussion and content-related assessment.

b. Keep – Student did not complete the Introductions discussion and/or the content-related assessment, but you decide think the student may be active at a later date. The Keep designation might be selected, for example, if you have any reason to believe the student may become active:

- The student communicated with you or class peers elsewhere in the course.
- The student notified you s/he will start the term late.
- The student has given you other reasons to expect s/he may become active.

c. Missing – Student did not complete the Introductions discussion or content-related assessment and you decide not to designate the student as "Keep". Students designated as "Missing" will be reported to their home college as a "No-show".

Reporting a student as Missing DOES NOT mean the students will automatically be dropped from the course. Several colleges do not drop no-show students. However, CCCOnline uses the No-Show data to help monitor and evaluate student retention and success.

5. After selecting the designation for each student, click the "Roster's Course Listing" link (on the upper-left of roster page) to save your selections