Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disability Accommodations

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It's that time of the semester when we begin to see accommodation requests from students who have documented disabilities. It is our goal, of course, to provide needed assistance to these students while ensuring the validity of the requests. This is a reminder of the steps in that process and how it affects you as an instructor:

1. Students who request accommodation must do so through their home college.
2. The home college provides CCCOnline student services staff with an accommodation request that outlines the specific accomodations we are asked to provide to the student.
3. CCCOnline student services staff forward the request to all affected instructors.
4. Instructors should direct all questions regarding received requests to their program chair or to CCCOnline staff.

Please note

1. It's always a good idea to communicate with the student regarding the request you have receive and how you intend to accommodate him/her. You can explain, for example, that you have set the time for the exams for this student to double the time other students have, or that you don't have timed exams in your class. It's important that the student be informed of how his/her needs will be met.
2. Unless you have received an accommodation request from CCCOnline student services staff, you are not required to provide accommodation to the student. If the student has not processed a request through the home college, direct him/her there.
2. Students must request the accommodation every semester; you will be notified by CCCOnline staff at the beginning of each term if you have students for whom you should provide accommodations.
2. If a student says to you that he/she requested accommodation, please email john.schmahl@cccs.edu and ask if we do indeed have a request on file.
3. The typical accommodation we provide is extra time on exams. If you need assistance setting this up, please submit a profhelp ticket at the faculty gateway.
4. We do not usually provide extra time for "regular" homework assignments because students know from day one what those assignments are and generally have ample time to complete them.

To help you better understand the accommodation process, the training and professional development department has created a great tutorial that can be accessed here: https://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Policies_%26_Procedures_-_Faculty_Handbook_-_Teaching_for_CCCOnline_-_Faculty_Role_In_the_Classroom_-_ADA_Training.

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