Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New D2L Tools to Use as you Update your Courses for Fall!

As you prepare your courses for the fall term, please remember that you must have a content related graded assignment completed prior to the census date for fall 1 which is September 14th. This assignment will help you determine how to mark students on the attendance roster that you will complete.

We would also like to announce the addition of some new tools in D2L. The first is TurnItIn which you may have already noticed in your Dropbox tool. Plagiarism Detection scans Dropbox submissions resulting in an "Originality Report" icon for instructors on the "Submissions" and "Leave Feedback" page with color-coded percentages of possible plagiarism. Online Markup allows instructors to insert inline text, highlight text, and add and reuse comments across submissions in a variety of document formats all from the Dropbox Folder "Leave Feedback" page. Visit the wiki page for more instructions, tutorials, and information on Plagiarism Detection and Online Markup in D2L:

Some suggestions to keep in mind when using the plagiarism detection tool:
-Before you use the plagiarism tool, consult with your Program Chair about expectations.
-Include information for learners that this tool will be used when grading assignments and consider adding to your course "Instructions" about viewing the Originality Report and/or Online Markup.
-View the Faculty Handbook Academic Integrity page for ideas about constructive use of the Plagiarism Detection option (link below).
-Select to "Allow submitters to see Originality Reports" and leave all other settings at defaults.

Another exciting, handy tool for faculty as you update your courses for fall is the Manage Dates Tool which you access through Edit Course. Using the Manage Dates tool for Dropbox and Quiz items adjusts the start and end date for these items. Students can see them, but not access them until the dates you set in Manage Dates. Be careful, using the Manage Dates tool for Content, Discussions, and Grades affects the VISIBILITY of these items. If you set dates for Content, Discussions, and Grades from the Manage Dates tool those items are not VISIBLE to students before or after the dates you set in Manage Dates. CCCOnline strongly discourages the hiding of any content in our courses.

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