Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Nav Bar!

Hello Everyone-
One of the improvements to D2L in the new version we installed this summer is a slightly changed top navigation bar.  We didn't want to turn that on in the middle of a semester for fear it would cause confusion for the students, but it is now available to you.  

The most significant change is that the Nav Bar now wraps when it reaches the right edge of the browser window instead of disappearing out of the edge of the window.  That means you can put more links there then you could in the past.  The default is in fact that all tools are shown as links on the Nav Bar. Nothing has changed in terms of removing unused links from the bar -- you can still do that (and probably should); directions are available on the wiki at

Last, when you hover over a link on the nav bar the link will now be highlighted in gray (see content link below.)



Lisa Cheney-Steen
Co-Exec. Director, CCCOnline

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