Friday, April 13, 2007


This year the Learning Technology Council (DL folks from all of the colleges nominated CCCOnline's Academic Technology Team for the Technology Support Person of the Year. Above you see Jonathan Fuller, Rick Hadley's brother Drew, Frank Vazquez, and David Chatham. Chris Dos is a part of the team, but was unable to come collect the award in person. Yea guys! This was a well-deserved award considering the amount of support they have given all of us this year!

And just as a side note, this is the second time Frank has won the award.

Rick's mother, Anne Hadley, was also able to come up to TELECOOP this year to spend some time with us and to watch Cheryl's Second Life presentation. Cheryl did a fantastic job -- she kept the entire room spell-bound for the presentation. It was a good time to talk about Rick and the enthusiasm he had for Second Life and the Second Life project. Cheryl is planning to continue that project and even has some "land" in SL courtesy of Rick.

Cheryl presented a second time, with Aaron and Mary. This presentation also received rave reviews from a rapt audience. (It was Friday morning after all of the dire snow warnings and they still had a full room.) This presentation was on Teaching with Technology - I had several requests to get them to put it together as a workshop so more folks could attend.

Alice Bedard-Voorhees presented on podcasting and audio interviews. She had yet another fascinated audience for that topic. This is Mary and Alice, with Donna Welschmeyer (Accounting) in the background taking pictures.

I didn't manage to get a picture of Jeri Heinicke, LL Program Chair, and Jon Sherrill, math faculty and other hats, in their presentation. They demonstrated software Jon wrote to allow students and faculty to record foreign language assignments for the foreign language courses. It's really exciting stuff and might add something to courses other than the language courses.

Karen Kaemmerling, SS Program Chair, and Rhonda Epper presented on the Digital Content Project and talked about Karen's textbook free history course. Somehow my camera missed them also. Karen also provided a lot of input in my presentation on using 3rd party content in courses.

And Linda Bowman, system VP for Academic Affairs and CCA President, came up for part of Thursday to watch the guys get their award. I did get a picture of her, but didn't think it was one she would want on the blog. :^)

The slides from all of these presentations will eventually be available on the website.

It was a great conference as usual -- lots of information of exciting subjects like Second Life, Podcasting, Quality Matters, Distance Learning happenings in nearby states, etc.

We also had a chance to talk to old friends who have moved away like Ed Bowen and Paul Romero. That's Ed below. He's in Texas now as an Executive Dean for Dallas Telelearning. He talked on the Quality Matters project - I really want to bring him back for our conference in September.

And in case you think no one does any work at conferences, here's Jonathan and Frank gradually building themselves a home in one of the labs.



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