Friday, April 20, 2007

Vista was down this morning 6:15 through 7:45

Here's what I have from Melissa Burke, Director of ASP Hosting with BB:

Lisa –

I am working with the DBA group to get specifics and the information you requested in your last email. We will certainly issue a root cause analysis (RCA) report to you and cover the topic of how we plan to avoid this type of issue in the future.

In summary, the archive logging ran out of space. While a temporary solution was put into place, some downtime will be needed to completely alleviate the situation. We are working on an estimate for that now and Larry is trying to schedule this during the normal maintenance window. The splash page did not display as the webserver component of the application was still running.

It looks like the system went down shortly after 8:15 eastern and came back at about 9:45 eastern.


As soon as I know more I will pass it on.


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