Monday, April 30, 2007

Vista Next Steps Training Opportunities

Do you want to learn what more is available to help you facilitate your Vista courses? There’s a whole ‘nuther world of Vista tools out there accessible through the Build tab and many additional functions to learn in the Teach tab. You can enhance your knowledge and skills by taking Next Steps with Vista!

Workshop Topics:

  • Gradebook

  • Discussions tool

  • Assessments tool

  • Assignments tool

  • File Manager, file editing

  • Learning modules

  • Web links

  • Selective release options

  • Tech Talk and Teaching Tips

  • And, more!

If you have a specific problem area, bring your questions for class discussion, as we all learn from the experiences of others! This course is specifically designed for those instructors who have been teaching in Vista for one or two semesters.

What You Will Get:

  • Instructions on using Vista Discussion Tools.

  • User Guides on the tools

  • A forum for discussing Vista tool problems.

Sign up Today for May, August, or September Offerings!

What: Vista Next Steps -- CCCOnline training workshop

Format: Facilitated and self-paced. Be expected to spend at least an hour a day or more in this workshop. You will be expected to complete a series of tasks within the session time frame.

Where: All Online

When: May 14-25; August 13-24; September 10-21

How: Register at

For more information:

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