Monday, April 09, 2007

Workshop Opportunity: Creating Virtual Teams 4/16 - 4/27

Creating Virtual Teams

Research suggests that building a virtual community with others who share common goals or purpose may help defray feelings of isolation in distance learning. Collaborative learning, such as small group work, can help foster relationships through team-building activities that create a mutual-interdependency to succeed. So why aren’t more faculty using collaborative activities?

These are the questions we often hear:

o What should be done to facilitate the best possible group outcomes?
o What Vista tools are available, and how are they used?
o How should teams be formed?
o How many students should be in each group?
o What are some dark sides of teams, and what can be done to overcome these issues?

In Creating Virtual Teams, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and much more.

What you will get:
• Information on theory and best practices for setting up and facilitating collaborative projects.
• Instructions on using the Vista Group Tools.
• A lesson plan that can immediately be applied in your virtual classroom plan.
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What: Creating Virtual Teams -- CCCOnline training workshop
Where: All Online
When: April 16-27
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