Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grading Forms Bug - From ProfHelp

Faculty who are using Grading Forms:

If you are using Grade Forms in your course, please note that anytime you make a change to the Assignment/Discussion using the Edit Properties a new grade book column is created.

For example,
  • Assignment 1 is gradeable using a Grade Form—an entry in the grade book is created named Assignment 1
  • Choose the Edit Properties on Assignment 1
  • Make a change to the properties of the Assignment for example change the due date of the assignment
  • Click Save—a new column is made in the grade book and is named Assignment 1 1 (note a 1 is added to the end of the grade book column)
A possible issue with this scenario--The column containing the student grades may not be included within the Total points or a calculated column. Please review your grade book if you are using Grading Forms to assess errors related to this issue.

For assistance, please email

Amy Sorensen

(720) 858-2731

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