Thursday, November 01, 2007

Training News

Hello faculty & staff!

In October 2007, the link for Training and Professional Development Needs survey was distributed to faculty and staff of CCCOnline via the Faculty Blog. There were a total of 79 individuals started the survey and 72 completed it. If we take the total number of faculty and staff from the current training database, this is a return rate of approximately 26%.

Summary of Results:

For the open-ended Question 9, pertaining to the Faculty Wiki, it appears many of you find it difficult to navigate and the appearance cluttered. Many of you indicated you were not aware of how it could be of use to you… so, to find out now, check it out by going to … take 10 minutes to browse the links including the “Blackboard Vista ” (guides for using the technology), “Training & Professional Development” (being updated for 2008, but contains some very useful information about policy and sessions), “Teaching Resources “ (just what the name says), and “Instructional Design” (for help understanding the design standards and assistance with those). Have suggestions for the Wiki? Feel free to send them or jump in and start editing yourself- yes! You can do it!

For the open-ended Question 10, asking about additional comments, there was a lot of valuable feedback about how the training sessions of past have helped you, how you might improve them, and how enthusiastic you are for 2008.

For questions 1-8, a summary of responses can be viewed by following the link below:

Additional comments given with the questions 1-8 are not included in the summary, but very good suggestions were made. The general consensus regarding ‘new’ technologies and methods is whether or not faculty are expected to implement these and, if yes, to what extent. While Training and Professional Development with CCCOnline is meant to encourage an expansion of your skills and your confidence in new tools and techniques, there is no requirement to use them in your courses necessarily.

There were many great suggestions about the length of sessions, start dates, and why having a ‘weekend’ available during facilitated sessions is important for many. Additionally, you gave us excellent guidance on the reasoning for teaching all Vista tools and the need for a place where self-paced anytime “Just-in-Time” training is significant for your continued professional development.

Given the one week time frame and the limited distribution of the survey link this is a good response rate overall. The information is useful and I humbly thank you all for your participation and support. I hope for future surveys more faculty and staff will participate letting their voice be heard in driving the direction and scope of the training and professional development opportunities from CCCOnline!

Thank you for letting me be a part of the excellence of CCCOnline. I am enjoying serving YOU!

:) Lisa Marie Johnson

CCCOnline Training & Professional Development, Director


Video/Voice/Chat- Skype: lisamariejohnson

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