Thursday, November 29, 2007

Open Content Resources -- a growing list

Dear Faculty,
I've been putting together a list of open content resources, with the help of lots of other folks (Lisa Marie, Phyllis, Sean, Jesse, Lisa, Cheryl), and thought it would be good to share that list with you here. Also, it will be going into the Faculty Wiki so that you can add resources to the list as you find them. These are great places to look for supplemental materials to put into your courses -- in a wide variety of subject areas.


Open Content Resources:
Hewlett Foundation OER initiatives:
MIT OpenCourseWare:
Carnegie Mellon:
Harvard University Library Open Collections Program:
Rice University Connexions:
Morgue File - public images:
National Repository for Online Courses:
CCCOnline's Custom Hippocampus:
Internet Archive's "Moving Images" collection:
Prelinger Archives:
Free videos produced by various PBS stations around the country:

From Jesse Stommel and Sean Law's Open Content ENG 121 course:
Etext library
Project Gutenberg:
Full etext with MP3 files:
Brevity - An online magazine of creative non-fiction:
Plagiarism Article Database:
Wikibook on Rhetoric and Composition:
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing:

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