Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Innovate Ezine

From LisaMarie:

Innovate (www.innovateonline.info)

The February/March issue opens with Marc Prensky revisiting--and revising--the digital native/digital immigrant dichotomy he added to our lexicon in 2001. Arguing that the native/immigrant paradigm will become less meaningful when everyone will have grown up in the era of digital technology, Prensky introduces the notion of digital wisdom. Digital wisdom, as Prensky defines it, comprises both wisdom in the prudent use of echnology and the wisdom we gain from sophisticated technologies that enhance human cognition.

(See http://www.innovateonline.info/index.php?view=article&id=705&action=article)
I wonder if the "digital divide" may change in nature -- for example, I see the colleges working hard to implement a student email system, but I don't see any teenagers actually using email to communicate with each other.... email is a tool for older folks.

Also LisaMarie pointed out that the Horizon Report 2009 is out:
Horizon Report. (2009). The Horizon Report: 2009 Edition (PDF). A collaboration between The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) an EDUCAUSE program.

Featured technological categories, or topics, in the 2009 report include:
  • Mobiles
  • Cloud Computing
  • Geo-Everything
  • The Personal Web
  • Semantic-Aware Applications
  • Smart Objects
A favorite quote is: "These recommendations are a starting place for continued dialog and reflection around the six topics in the Horizon Report, and are acknowledgments that while these technologies offer considerable promise and potential, much work remains to be done before many of them are really ready for mainstream use" (p. 31). The quote is a favorite to me because it reminds me of how new technologies become mainstream - through use.

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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