Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Training

Ready for some fresh ideas for your courses? Check out Spring training opportunities available for registration now!

Course Mapping March 23-April 3
This session introduces the concept of course mapping, explores the relationship to CCCOnline Design Process, develops understanding of the components of a course map, and provides faculty an opportunity to begin mapping a course by completing a course project and peer reviewing maps of others.

New Designs for Assessment Webinar March 27th at 1pm with Alice Bedard-Voorhees and Karen Kaemmerling. This webinar will focus on designing assessments that evaluate course objectives, encourage student originality, and allow student to focus on topics that are most relevant to them, and more! No registration required for webinars.

Measuring What Matters March 30-April 10
This session provides you with the opportunity to examine your assessment processes. You will have a chance to learn about the various uses of tools for assessment and begin thinking about adapting some for your courses right away!

E-Portfolio Training April 20-24
This training session will introduce you to the resources available at the website, which includes the E-Portfolio program. Receive an E-Portfolio login, learn how to upload and enter data into forms and use templates to create E-Portfolios for a variety of purposes

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